About the Program—Summary of training modules
                            A listing of program content 

Module   1    Introduction to the ControlLogix—General Structure, Number Systems, and Basics of Boolean Logic
                            Lesson 3-Standard PLC Operation (4:21)
                            Lesson 7-Logic Concepts and Principles of Boolean Algebra (2:54)

Module   2   ControlLogix Hardware Composition, I/O Structure and Architecture—Introduction to Tags
                            Lesson 3-I/O Modules 
                            Lesson 4-I/O Module Placement and Configuration (5:04)

Module   3   Navigating the Studio 5000 Software and Creating, Opening and Understanding Projects
                            Lesson 1-Introduction to Studio 5000 Software (4:23)
                            Lesson 9-Adding More I/O Modules (5:57)

Module   4   Connecting to the Controller—Establishing RSLinx Connection to the Network
                            Lesson 1-Connecting to the Controller (3:55)
                            Lesson 5-Downloading a Project and Going Online (4:53)

Module   5   ControlLogix Project Organization and Frequently Used Tag Structures
                           Lesson 2-Program Order of Execution 
                           Lesson 5-Routines and Subroutines—Important Concepts to Know During Troubleshooting (4:53)

Module   6   Troubleshooting Ladder Diagram Logic in the ControlLogix System
                            Lesson 3-Programming a Normally Closed Input Device 
                            Lesson 7-Troubleshooting Using Program Control Instructions (4:35)

Module   7   Creating and Editing Tags and Code—Documenting Troubleshooting Changes
                            Lesson 3-Tags Monitoring and Editing (3:46)
                            Lesson 4-Editing Code Online During Troubleshooting (5:01)

Module   8   Troubleshooting Using the Studio 5000 Software—Using I/O Forcing and Toggling Functions
                            Lesson 2-Using Searching Tools—Cross Reference 
                            Lesson 4-Troubleshooting Using I/O Forcing and Toggling (4:36)

Module   9   Troubleshooting ControlLogix Hardware—Discrete and Analog I/O
                            Lesson 2-Troubleshooting ControlLogix Hardware—Discrete and Analog I/O (4:46)
                            Lesson 6-Analog I/O Configuration Considerations (4:49)

Module 10   Troubleshooting Remote I/O, Controller and Power Supply—Using the
                    Trend and Compare Tools to Troubleshoot

                            Lesson 2-Troubleshooting Controller Problems—Faults (4:18)
                            Lesson 7-Troubleshooting Using the Compare Tool (4:19)